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Sadhana Pada;Study of the self

Sadhana Pada:Study of the self

Real Pain does not go with enjoyment Strong Diseases does not go with self ignorance.

As per Patanjali yoga sutra; 'Anitya asuci dukha anatmasu nitya suci sukha atma khyatih avidya'

Where 'avidya' means incorrect knowledge equalled to spiritual ignorance self ignorance when one's intelligence is lost then temporary,impure,distressful and materialistic looks like eternal, pure, joyful and spiritual respectively.

For example when people show anger to tell if he doesn't like something. one's imagination,desire becomes real and others(real) become unreal and then one start fighting with himself and start telling lies to himself like when one sees someone wants to do something in different way but one says to himself someone wants to do something not in your way and disturbance comes within yourself as an anger.

yoga practice:practise sadhana;practise self awareness;be in natural pattern of life where everyone is helping and sharing love to maintain it's beautiful & peaceful pattern of divine energy.

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