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Sutra 1.13: tatra sthitau yatnah abhyasa:Practise to be in undisturbed calmness.

Learn to let your emotion be relaxed in your yoga practice, learn to watch your emotions don't let it overcome your intellectual & let your natural action(karma) be disturbed & distracted. Like One disturbed & distracted mind(due to changes in emotions) always keep looking for temporary enjoyment and looses his control over his senses,If senses are not controlled a person developes attachment which rises desire and from desire anger from anger complete delusion arises from delusion bewilderment of memory then intelligence is lost and when intelligence is lost one falls down again into the material pool and one keeps creating problem for oneself unnecessarily. Let the energy/intelligence flow around naturally don't let elements gets disharmonized, which create disturbance in & around, in form of emotional changes & disease(doshas) Let our action be result of undisturbed harmonization of natural elements. Like a painting of a painter is result of his inner state, harmonized energy of Five elements not of the painter. ‪#‎practice‬ self-awareness#practice yoga#feel peace#spread peace

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