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what people say about Ashok Yoga

I loved the location but the teacher is the most important part; Ashok was a great teacher and I have been inspired to continue practising yoga everyday. Thank you!I 

Lisa Kater

West Kilbride, Scotland

Ashok's energy, the way he guides your breath and instantly creates a focused atmosphere for a beautiful practice. Ashok creates something magical to explore your asana practice. Go to his class.



Personal approach


Moscow, Russia

Adapted the practice to the individual, hands on, great adjustments and advice on how to improve, friendly and supportive, great energy, best classes we did in varkala

Emma And Rory

London, UK

I liked the style of yoga. The teacher was fantastic

Alexia Treanor



ioannis kartimpelis

Pireaus, Greece

I liked the calm, thoughtful instruction, the personal interest Ashok took in me and my practice and the location was spectacular.

Alexander Woollcombe

London, UK

location and teacher. Best class I've ever done!

Hayley Coates

Vancouver, Canada

I like the vinyasa flow, the teacher and location

Camilla Olai Lindblom

Stockholm, Sweden

I loved the location and set up. I really enjoyed Ashok's method, how he related the various poses to elements of the earth. I also really enjoyed his teachings on how to observe your emotions during practice and watch what comes up.

Jason Lowdon

54a Glenarm Road

I totally recommend Ashok to be your yoga teacher.I have practised martial arts before and even if I know how these things work I was totally amazed of the place,teacher,method of teaching, the whole experience.I don`t like to say empty words but Ashok classes convinced me to learn and one day to become yoga teacher as well.Thanks Ashok, really thanks and take care of you!


Bucharest, Romania

Everything!!! Mainly the passion of the teacher on what he does, sharing his knowledge and time always with a smile.

María Antonia Arce

El Bolsón, Argentina

Wonderful Vinyasa Yoga Class practised in breathtaking location between Pallolem and Columb beach! Although I was new to vinyasa, I have practised yoga since 2006 and I can definitely say that Ashok is one of the best teachers I have met, and beautiful, calming soul. We practised with him every day when we were in Goa and would definitely keep an eye where he will be teaching so we can meet up on the matt again. I found Ashok very knowledgeable about the anatomy of human body, paying lots of attention to deep, relaxed breathing, challenging when appropriate and being able to differentiate between people's different levels of strength, flexibility and balance. We miss you, Ashok!

Monika & Tomek

London, UK

Great guidance professionalism of my teacher , give attention to details and generally speaking amazing class to take if you love doing yoga

Tomer Kniznik

London, UK

the sequence,the awareness on the breath helped me a lot to be present aware and eventually relax in the postures, advice are very clear and help u to help yourself.


bocholt, Germany

Great teacher who does excellent adjustments. Nice location

Frances Drummond

2 Laughton lodge, UK

Thanks for great classes-best yoga class and teacher we had in Goa.

Ashok was very Kind, gentle and professional. We learnt a lot from his approach. we would highly recommend his classes.

Suszn Mclntosh

Edinburgh, Scotland

Thank you Ashok for the wonderful yoga class.

Being a Yoga teacher myself it was a joy to practice and lesson from a True authentic Yogi, who has studied under many great teachers and practised yoga for so many years.

Ashok does not only teach physical asana but weaves Pratayahara, Pranayama, Dharana & Dhayana effortlessly into his classes.

A true Yogi!

Thank you Ashok

Om shanti!

Mary Yighe

Ulverstan, UK

Ashok is a really amazing super professional & skilled, really focuses on the breath & respects the body!

Very impressed by Ashok's Yoga class.Fantastic teacher I would highly recommend Ashok! 

Rosan & Bregje

Amsterdam & Haarlem

we have practised yoga with Ashok for five days. we wish we could have stayed much longer! 

it has been a true pleasure and fantastic experience that made our stay here very special.

Ashok is a knowledgeable and presents the classes in a very calm and efficient manner. We have particularly enjoyed learning his vinyasa flow routine and the focus in breathing.

we will take with us this "routine "&" breathing Home practise" and savour this in our bodies, minds and hearts!

Namaste & Love

Ucci & Chrisa

Newcastle UK & Vimmerby Sweden

Thank you Ashok for such amazing time practising yoga with you. Always Kind, Gentle and Thoughtful. It was a real pleasure to be taught by you. I feel i have improved a lot in two weeks and look forward to practising more everyday when i get home. Namaste!

Joe Cocozza

London, UK


Thank you very much-very positive experience!

Very thankful to have met you! Namaste!

See you again next year.Hope for the best until then

Max Kten

Nykoping, Sweden

Thank you so much for these wonderful weeks! It's been an absolutely amazing practice. You have really inspired us. we have learned a lot and developed a lot in a short period of time. we will definitely come back and practise with you again. And we hope you'll come to stockholm too! All the best. 

Hanna Axeinyl & Adrian Morner

Stockholm, Sweeden

A wonderful teacher and experienced. I appreciate your guidance and patience with me as a beginner. I will definitely be back and will be sharing my experience with friends .Thank you!Namaste!



Ashok is a brilliant teacher, he helped me to prepare for my yoga ashtanga teacher training i felt much more confident after just 2 sessions.


London, UK

Ashok is a wonderful teacher-helping me to focus on my mind rather than the physical practice. I felt so good afterwards- I wish i could have more classes!

Adelaide Lane

London, UK

I had five session with Ashok and found him to be a very good teacher, always watching and adjusting. I felt i learnt a lot even in such a short time. I shall remember to keep regulating. Thank you very much for your time and patience.

Julia Gasiarro

London, UK

Ashok is a great yoga instructor always paying attention to everything and guides you to do correct moves. I really enjoyed opening my mornings like this.


Tel Aviv, Israel

Ashok is a thoughtful, caring instructor his instructions keep you focus and as beginner felt myself improved through out the week. Each lesson pushing myself when i felt comfortable  enough to do so + holding back when pushing too hard would have been wrong. Ashok notices this and guides you along. I will miss my morning practice.


Louise Wood

Toronto Canada

Beautiful practice. Ashok is a very special teacher with extraordinary personal power. His gentle coaching made my practice grow in peace and asanas.

Jan Maynes

Surrey B.C Canada

During my 7 yogi session my practise has developed awareness of mind, body, soul. Flexibility, mindfulness and breath has impressed practice.

Dustie Hickey

Rochdale, Manchaster UK

Thanks for the time, it's wonderful to feel how with breathing the body becomes flexible and the mind aggrieved. Every hour was an enrichment with virtue of joy and above all letting go physically and spiritually taught me.   

Gabi Prohasha


It was a wonderful experience for me to visit Ashok's yoga class. I practise yoga since a while but here i could reach another level of breathing, deep feelings and relaxation.

Thank you, Namaste

I'll take this wonderful experience back home.

Alina Allrecht


Ashok is a wonderful teacher and has a natural ability for knowing each students potential. he makes you feel safe in his classes and gives you confidence to try things you may have feared before. His adjustments help you to go much deeper in the poses and have the correct alignment. I can thoroughly recommend Ashok as a teacher for both beginners and experienced students as his personal approach suits all levels. I practiced with Ashok in Bangalore and enjoyed the calm and relaxing atmosphere he creates, making concentration easier for going deeper into poses. He is also very friendly and personable :)

Anna Collins

Preston, UK

There were very useful and beautiful classes! Ashok is a very professional instructor. He payed a lot of attention to the very little details during the classes. And the place is gorgeous so you can practice yoga and contemplate the nature at the same time. Thank you a lot. If I return one day I will definitely choose Ashok yoga again

Maria Khoroshunova

Moscow, Russia

I love how it designed class, very clear instructions, how Ashok help to correct asanas, guidance in breathing and meditation



Ashok's attention to everyone. Yoga with meditation. The progress I made during 8 days of practice


Tel Aviv, Israel

I liked especially the location at neptunes point and the good Yoga poses ashok teached us and the way he teached was just right-i felt new and fresh After and learned new ways of practising yoga.


Leipzig, Germany

Ashok is an amazing teacher. He puts extra care into assuring the students perform the poses with correct postures and form. His sequenses are very smooth allowing a gradual increase into deeper stretching. I really enjoyed how he pushed me harder than I would have gone by myself, especially during the more difficult poses such as Headstand and Backbend. The incredible view and sounds of the ocean really ,make it unforgttable experience.

I will see you again when I return to Pallolem! Namaste

Alex Kioulafofski

Vancouver, Canada

I felt deep breath with nature and was really deep into postures I did for first time postures easily, surprising! Very good teacher.


Paris, France

I have always struggled with meditation but in Ashok's class it came with ease. I had never achieved this kind of meditation before this class so thank you so much Ashok. It has been a really beautiful experience for me and one that i will not forget you are an excellent teacher and I hope to practise with you again one day. 

Emma clifton Hadley

Bristol, UK

Dear Ashok, I had not practised yoga for more than 5 years abd it was all like coming home. I felt as if I found myself in the right place to be. I do not mean it in the physical location, but in the spritiual one. I am sure you understand. I think the relaxation was the deepest i have achieved and I really felt part of the breeze and the waves and the birds. Beautiful class, it was much more than a class. All the best!

Graciela Valladares

Cordoba, Argentina

It's great to find a pure and dedicated Ashtanga teacher here.In 3 times with him I felt I learnt more than in six months back home.

Leo de Boisgissm

Paris, France

It was a great experience to practise with Ashok! I felt always well supported, he does great adjustment and has a good way to teach his students!

Always a good atmoshphere and energy with him:) I gonna miss his classes and hope to meet him in Germany!!!

Linda Rosche

Bremen, Germany

Ashok you made me realise my potential while performing Yoga.Some postures were very challenging and you really helped me easy into them.The practise was very calming & relaxing and truely refreshing.It would be great if you could run some workshop in Mumbai.

Nikhil Dandekar

Mumbai, India

Thank you so much for a brillant introduction to Yoga, Ashok. I really enjoyed it and definately plan to continue.You were very patient with me but also pushed me to acheive more than i thought possible-a great teacher:)

Laila Kemp


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