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Learn to Relax in your Yoga Practise

Learn to switch off your mind when you don't need to receive, when you receive,you receive with more gratitude and you give with more joy. Learn to relax,Our mind likes to wander in memory or in our next action which keeps our mind processing(emotional changes) and sometime does not let our autonervous system(responsible for natural function like digestion,heart beat,breathing) relax. Let's have a look in our different emotional state and its vibration. *Beta wave 14-30 cycles/sec:Restless and stressed out state.14 being normal. *Alpha waves 7-14 cycles/sec:Relaxed and peaceful state.where brain releases harmons and chemicals and creates overall calming sensation. *Theta waves 4-8 cycles/sec:Meditative-Sleeping state,where body starts healing and rejuvenate itself. *Delta waves 0.5-4 cycles/sec: Deeper state of consciousness(Yoga nidra)- Deep dreamless sleep state.where inner contact with true nature. So practice to relax when you can like when we go to our bed to relax but sometimes mind still keeps running on tomorrow work or in past action or getting angry while we are waiting for our bus/train which is running late instead we can turn off our mind from thoughts let our emotion relax let our system relax let our self relax to do our action joyfully. *Simple technique to relax or to have dreamless deep sleep when you're not working; Before you are set to sleep on your bed..check if you have any thoughts in your mind, if any important then deal with your thought and close it and shift your awareness to your body and start feeling yourself from your toes and slowly move towards tip of your head then slowly shift your awareness on your natural breathing and just keep watching till you enjoy.... If you still awake you can chant mantra:'so', while natural breath-in & mantra:'Hum' while natural breath-out.length of mantra should be equal to your natural breath in & out:(like 'sooooo....' 'hummmm...') *Simple technique to relax when you are working and in your free time:Pranayama(pls ref my last post) Keep practising! Namaste

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